Dividends Ranking

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New Companies
Company Dividend Country
Herc Holding0.00%USA
Hydro One2.12%Canada
Worldpay Group0.00%UK
DONG Energy0.00%Denmark
Covestro AG1.68%Germany
CommerceHub Series0.00%USA
S&P Global1.18%USA
Moneta Money Bank0.00%Czeck Republic

The dividend paid to shareholders can make tangible the wealth generated by the company. Is a clear indication and easy to obtain. However, it also has limitations. On the one hand, depends on the criteria determined by the direction of the company and therefore can sometimes be more influenced by short-term interests for what it is right for the company. By way of example, it is rare that a company is in losses to its shareholders a dividend payment from the reserves to cover the existing problems.

Other problems of the dividend as an indicator is that it is not calculable by business unit and need not be related to the liquidity generated, because sometimes there are companies that ask for bank loans to pay dividends.

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Also make-up can be accountants. As an example we can cite the case of companies that handle accounting profit to ascend to the quantity of interest in order to pay the dividend of interest to ensure that the shareholders are satisfied with the progress of the company and the policy carried out by the management of it. Every once in books are published cases of companies that practice following:

Highest Dividends
Company Dividend Country
Fibria Celulose S.A.20.99%Brazil
Via Varejo SA17.73%Brazil
Megafon (GDR)17.41%Russia
Yulon Nissan Motor C14.46%Taiwan
Delek Automotive Sys12.99%Israel
American Capital Age12.25%USA
Guangzhou R&F Prpt H11.92%China
Huaneng Power Intl H11.82%China
National Bank of Pak11.76%Pakistan
Transmissora Alianca11.73%Brazil
Williams Cos10.68%USA

Obviously exposed the practice reduces the reliability of accounting information generated by the business and detract from the dividend in educating the real wealth being generated by the company.

On the other hand, are often not distributed dividends when companies are experiencing significant growth in business, in order not to detract from the funds needed for new investments. This could give the impression that the company creates value, when in reality what happens is that the good prospects to reinvest the funds generated are advised to continue to generate more value in the future.