Best S&P 100 dividend stocks

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S&P 100 best dividend stocks and full list ranked by market capitalization (USA 1.88% average)

S&P 100 dividend components

S&P 100 is a stock index of the United States. It consists of the 100 largest companies listed on the stock exchanges of the United States. It is one of the benchmarks used by the company Standard & Poor's, one of the three major credit rating agencies.Its stock symbol is OEX.

Company Dividend Market Cap (mn) Sector
Apple Inc.1.28%USD 1,118,179Technology Hardware and Equip.
Microsoft Corp1.50%USD 850,166Software and Computer Services
Amazon.Com0.00%USD 817,102General Retailers
Facebook Class A0.00%USD 417,290Software and Computer Services
JPMorgan Chase & Co1.95%USD 387,663Banks
Alphabet Class C0.00%USD 370,400Software and Computer Services
Alphabet Class A0.00%USD 367,472Software and Computer Services
Johnson & Johnson2.67%USD 361,102Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Exxon Mobil Corp4.09%USD 339,169Oil and Gas Producers
Bank of America1.55%USD 291,904Banks
Berkshire Hathaway B0.00%USD 267,445Nonlife Insurance
Visa0.57%USD 262,232Financial Services
Wells Fargo & Co.2.94%USD 256,489Banks
Unitedhealth Group1.34%USD 256,245Health Care Equipment and Services
Pfizer3.28%USD 240,557Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
AT&T6.26%USD 231,842Fixed Line Telecommunications
Home Depot2.05%USD 231,074General Retailers
Cisco Systems2.76%USD 230,045Technology Hardware and Equip.
Intel Corp2.48%USD 225,616Technology Hardware and Equip.
Chevron3.78%USD 225,325Oil and Gas Producers
Verizon Comms.4.34%USD 224,594Fixed Line Telecommunications
Procter & Gamble3.46%USD 208,528Household Goods and Home Constr.
MasterCard Cl A0.46%USD 197,750Financial Services
Boeing2.00%USD 188,029Aerospace and Defense
Merck & Co2.80%USD 184,429Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Citigroup2.53%USD 181,463Banks
Coca-Cola3.50%USD 170,245Beverages
Comcast A2.05%USD 168,753Media
Disney (Walt) Co.1.50%USD 166,769Media
Nvidia0.21%USD 163,125Technology Hardware and Equip.
DowDuPont2.17%USD 162,592Chemicals
Pepsico3.31%USD 158,448Beverages
Netflix Inc0.00%USD 152,977General Retailers
AbbVie Inc4.00%USD 152,196Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Oracle Corp.1.56%USD 139,375Software and Computer Services
WalMart2.17%USD 136,567General Retailers
IBM4.29%USD 134,377Software and Computer Services
Amgen Corp2.64%USD 132,071Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Medtronic plc2.07%USD 130,262Health Care Equipment and Services
Adobe Systems Inc0.00%USD 129,348Software and Computer Services
McDonalds Corp2.49%USD 127,327Travel and Leisure
MMM Company2.58%USD 121,480General Industrials
Philip Morris Intern5.85%USD 120,816Tobacco
Honeywell Intl Inc1.87%USD 118,375General Industrials
Union Pacific Corp2.12%USD 115,890Industrial Transportation
Abbott Laboratories1.68%USD 114,191Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
General Electric3.71%USD 111,381General Industrials
Altria Group4.78%USD 110,638Tobacco
Texas Instruments2.21%USD 109,943Technology Hardware and Equip.
PayPal Holdings0.00%USD 109,521Support Services
Accenture Cl A1.57%USD 108,546Support Services
Salesforce.com0.00%USD 107,561Software and Computer Services
Nike Inc Cl B0.97%USD 102,982Personal Goods
Qualcomm3.61%USD 101,719Technology Hardware and Equip.
Costco Wholesale Cp0.98%USD 101,704General Retailers
Lilly (Eli) & Co2.13%USD 101,635Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Bristol Myers Squibb2.64%USD 98,880Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
United Technologies2.13%USD 98,480Aerospace and Defense
Gilead Sciences3.01%USD 97,872Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Thermo Fisher Scient0.28%USD 95,723Health Care Equipment and Services
Broadcom3.20%USD 94,291Technology Hardware and Equip.
Booking Holdings0.00%USD 93,738Travel and Leisure
Lowes Cos Inc1.77%USD 89,695General Retailers
Schlumberger3.17%USD 87,414Oil Equipment Services and Distrib.
ConocoPhillips1.55%USD 85,847Oil and Gas Producers
United Parcel Service (UPS)2.96%USD 84,730Industrial Transportation
Goldman Sachs Group1.35%USD 84,033Financial Services
US Bancorp2.22%USD 83,067Banks
Caterpillar2.48%USD 80,478Industrial Engineering
NextEra Energy Inc2.61%USD 79,980Electricity
Lockheed Martin Corp2.50%USD 79,361Aerospace and Defense
CVS Health Corporati2.66%USD 76,348Food and Drug Retailers
Biogen0.00%USD 74,384Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Starbucks2.69%USD 71,699Travel and Leisure
Amer. Express Co1.32%USD 69,843Financial Services
Becton Dickinson1.15%USD 69,256Health Care Equipment and Services
TJX Companies1.42%USD 68,847General Retailers
EOG Resources0.63%USD 68,235Oil and Gas Producers
Celgene Corp0.00%USD 68,190Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Anthem1.13%USD 67,510Health Care Equipment and Services
PNC Financial Svc Gp2.65%USD 67,239Banks
American Tower Corp2.07%USD 65,290Real Estate Investment Trusts
Morgan Stanley2.46%USD 65,170Financial Services
Allergan1.50%USD 64,851Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Automatic Data Proc.1.72%USD 64,535Support Services
Aetna1.00%USD 63,953Health Care Equipment and Services
Danaher Corp0.62%USD 63,892General Industrials
Intuitive Surgical0.00%USD 62,808Health Care Equipment and Services
Ace Ltd2.16%USD 62,572Nonlife Insurance
Chubb Ltd2.16%USD 62,572Nonlife Insurance
Mondelez Internation2.06%USD 61,772Food Producers
CSX Corp1.19%USD 61,654Industrial Transportation
Occidental Petroleum3.86%USD 61,097Oil and Gas Producers
Schwab (Charles) Cp1.02%USD 60,910Financial Services
Micron Technology0.00%USD 60,680Technology Hardware and Equip.
Fedex Corporation1.07%USD 60,267Industrial Transportation
CME Group3.61%USD 59,253Financial Services
Blackrock Inc2.40%USD 58,901Financial Services
Walgreens Boots Alli2.57%USD 57,913Food and Drug Retailers
Stryker1.11%USD 57,769Health Care Equipment and Services



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