Best NIKKEI-225 dividend stocks

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NIKKEI-225 stocks dividends ordered by market value (Japan 1.76% average)

Company Dividend Market Value (mn) Sector
Toyota Motor3.30%JPY 17,392,940Automobiles and Parts
Mitsubishi UFJ Finan2.44%JPY 10,042,657Banks
SoftBank Group0.51%JPY 7,192,702Mobile Telecommunications
Honda Motor Co2.58%JPY 6,256,873Automobiles and Parts
Sumitomo Mitsui Fina3.43%JPY 5,685,184Banks
KDDI Corp2.55%JPY 5,452,614Mobile Telecommunications
Mizuho Financial Grp3.58%JPY 5,246,609Banks
Japan Tobacco3.46%JPY 4,507,456Tobacco
Sony Corp0.58%JPY 4,369,155Leisure Goods
Fanuc1.78%JPY 4,328,845Industrial Engineering
Takeda Pharm3.45%JPY 4,041,164Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Keyence Corp0.06%JPY 3,963,677Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Shin-Etsu Chemical1.21%JPY 3,916,103Chemicals
East Japan Railway1.28%JPY 3,793,111Travel and Leisure
NTT Docomo2.81%JPY 3,501,927Mobile Telecommunications
Mitsubishi Corp2.17%JPY 3,491,473Support Services
Tokio Marine Holding2.54%JPY 3,452,519Nonlife Insurance
Canon4.57%JPY 3,439,357Technology Hardware and Equip.
Seven & I Holdings2.05%JPY 3,432,303General Retailers
Central Japan Railwy0.71%JPY 3,327,797Travel and Leisure
Mitsubishi Electric1.64%JPY 3,254,466Industrial Engineering
Astellas Pharmaceuti2.18%JPY 3,216,069Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Murata Manufacturing1.36%JPY 3,057,422Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Mitsui & Co3.32%JPY 2,927,269Support Services
Bridgestone Corp3.12%JPY 2,877,875Automobiles and Parts
Hitachi1.94%JPY 2,869,644Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Kao1.62%JPY 2,858,862Personal Goods
Daikin Industries1.17%JPY 2,844,715Industrial Engineering
Panasonic Corp2.03%JPY 2,622,930Leisure Goods
Mitsubishi Estate0.82%JPY 2,594,133Real Estate Investment and Services
Fuji Heavy Ind3.42%JPY 2,581,711Automobiles and Parts
Komatsu2.14%JPY 2,554,474Industrial Engineering
Nidec Corp0.76%JPY 2,542,184Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Nintendo0.51%JPY 2,540,779Leisure Goods
Denso Corporation2.40%JPY 2,477,163Automobiles and Parts
Nomura Holdings3.02%JPY 2,442,684Financial Services
Mitsui Fudosan1.26%JPY 2,412,339Real Estate Investment and Services
Dai-ichi Life Insura2.98%JPY 2,387,554Life Insurance
Itochu Corp3.23%JPY 2,339,260Support Services
Orix Corporation2.68%JPY 2,291,321Financial Services
Nissan Motor4.07%JPY 2,191,766Automobiles and Parts
Nippon Steel Sumitom0.54%JPY 2,170,768Industrial Metals and Mining
Otsuka Holdings1.96%JPY 2,160,120Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Kubota1.68%JPY 2,010,528Industrial Engineering
Daiwa House Industry2.43%JPY 1,992,183Household Goods and Home Constr.
Hoya1.48%JPY 1,971,620Electronic and Electrical Equipment
MS&AD Insurance Grou2.76%JPY 1,938,879Nonlife Insurance
Kyocera Corp1.62%JPY 1,926,495Electronic and Electrical Equipment
SMC Corp0.63%JPY 1,861,712Industrial Engineering
Fast Retailing0.96%JPY 1,808,921General Retailers
Suzuki Motor0.77%JPY 1,802,880Automobiles and Parts
Recruit Holdings0.91%JPY 1,787,399Support Services
Tokyo Electron2.14%JPY 1,748,984Technology Hardware and Equip.
Sumitomo Corp3.31%JPY 1,699,007Support Services
Fuji Film Holdings1.55%JPY 1,698,259Technology Hardware and Equip.
Eisai2.38%JPY 1,674,667Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Daiichi Sankyo2.54%JPY 1,664,026Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Shionogi1.24%JPY 1,628,938Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Kirin Holdings2.02%JPY 1,623,669Beverages
Secom1.71%JPY 1,589,973Support Services
Sompo Japan Nipponko1.91%JPY 1,551,389Nonlife Insurance
Toray Industries1.39%JPY 1,526,312Chemicals
Sumitomo Mitsui Trus3.23%JPY 1,524,351Banks
Asahi Group Holdings1.36%JPY 1,508,451Beverages
Nitto Denko Corp1.53%JPY 1,458,526Chemicals
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind2.70%JPY 1,422,720Industrial Engineering
Dentsu Inc1.37%JPY 1,383,400Media
Sumitomo Electric In1.91%JPY 1,382,759Automobiles and Parts
Resona Holdings2.87%JPY 1,369,236Banks
West Japan Railway1.88%JPY 1,367,851Travel and Leisure
Asahi Kasei Corp1.83%JPY 1,366,296Chemicals
Sumitomo Rlty & Devt0.71%JPY 1,343,472Real Estate Investment and Services
Shimano0.93%JPY 1,308,104Leisure Goods
JX Holdings2.99%JPY 1,295,274Oil and Gas Producers
Fujitsu1.23%JPY 1,283,546Technology Hardware and Equip.
Olympus0.43%JPY 1,278,793Health Care Equipment and Services
Terumo Corp1.03%JPY 1,229,980Health Care Equipment and Services
Meiji Holdings1.20%JPY 1,229,643Food Producers
Oriental Land0.55%JPY 1,223,138Travel and Leisure
Daiwa Securities Gro3.51%JPY 1,205,346Financial Services
Aeon1.79%JPY 1,161,899General Retailers
Shiseido0.68%JPY 1,158,360Personal Goods
Ajinomoto Co1.32%JPY 1,151,858Food Producers
NTT2.53%JPY 1,148,517Fixed Line Telecommunications
Daito Trust Constr3.00%JPY 1,142,587Real Estate Investment and Services
Mitsubishi Chemical1.85%JPY 1,137,347Chemicals
Marubeni Corp2.75%JPY 1,134,844Support Services
Ono Pharmaceutical1.53%JPY 1,133,885Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
JFE Holdings0.00%JPY 1,092,322Industrial Metals and Mining
Tokyo Gas2.26%JPY 1,065,228Gas Water and Multiutilities
Aisin Seiki Co1.79%JPY 1,063,828Automobiles and Parts
T&D Holdings2.61%JPY 1,062,071Life Insurance
Chubu Elec Power2.03%JPY 1,050,193Electricity
Sekisui House3.56%JPY 1,042,200Household Goods and Home Constr.
Inpex Corporation1.61%JPY 1,028,130Oil and Gas Producers
Uni-Charm0.63%JPY 969,735Personal Goods
Nitori Holdings0.54%JPY 968,273General Retailers
Sumitomo Chemical2.08%JPY 951,474Chemicals
Makita Corp1.30%JPY 950,413Household Goods and Home Constr.
Hankyu Hanshin Holdi0.93%JPY 950,338Travel and Leisure
Omron Corp1.41%JPY 950,091Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Rakuten0.40%JPY 935,067General Retailers
Sysmex0.86%JPY 929,955Health Care Equipment and Services
TDK Corp1.57%JPY 914,776Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Kansai Elec Power0.00%JPY 912,533Electricity
Toyota Industries2.19%JPY 895,247Automobiles and Parts
Mazda Motor1.90%JPY 895,079Automobiles and Parts
Asahi Glass1.96%JPY 880,716Construction and Materials
Yamato Holdings1.06%JPY 873,430Industrial Transportation
Osaka Gas2.19%JPY 857,402Gas Water and Multiutilities
Japan Exchange Group3.22%JPY 852,704Financial Services
Taisei2.41%JPY 844,487Construction and Materials
Tokyu Corp1.08%JPY 833,222Travel and Leisure
Isuzu Motors2.13%JPY 817,914Industrial Engineering
Chugai Seiyaku1.39%JPY 817,585Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Toshiba Corp0.00%JPY 794,042General Industrials
Toyota Tsusho1.85%JPY 755,660General Industrials
Kintetsu2.40%JPY 753,204Travel and Leisure
Sumitomo Metal Minin0.96%JPY 740,589Industrial Metals and Mining
Dai Nippon Printing2.62%JPY 737,556Media
NEC3.57%JPY 729,325Technology Hardware and Equip.
Yamaha Motor2.31%JPY 727,216Automobiles and Parts
NSK1.94%JPY 726,187Automobiles and Parts
LIXIL Group2.18%JPY 717,396Construction and Materials
Concordia Financial2.01%JPY 714,823Banks
Obayashi2.11%JPY 708,060Construction and Materials
Seiko Epson2.39%JPY 699,618Technology Hardware and Equip.
Tohoku Elec Power2.08%JPY 688,899Electricity
Sekisui Chemical1.73%JPY 687,765Household Goods and Home Constr.
Yahoo Japan3.40%JPY 682,101Software and Computer Services
Odakyu Elec Railwy0.81%JPY 680,330Travel and Leisure
Tokyo Electric Power0.00%JPY 673,405Electricity
NTT Data Corp.1.42%JPY 668,993Software and Computer Services
Kajima Corp2.05%JPY 668,832Construction and Materials
Ricoh3.58%JPY 667,094Technology Hardware and Equip.
Koito Manufacturing0.69%JPY 660,989Automobiles and Parts
Japan Post Holdings3.47%JPY 652,537Life Insurance
Nippon Paint1.10%JPY 651,036Chemicals
NGK Insulators1.65%JPY 645,673Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Rohm1.58%JPY 645,073Technology Hardware and Equip.
Santen Pharm1.61%JPY 642,805Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Tosoh1.48%JPY 633,746Chemicals
Bandai Namco Holding1.61%JPY 632,526Leisure Goods
Alps Electric0.90%JPY 629,067Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Yakult Honsha0.51%JPY 627,951Food Producers
Toto1.57%JPY 618,516Construction and Materials
Keikyu Corporation0.49%JPY 613,512Travel and Leisure
Nikon Corp1.28%JPY 604,537Leisure Goods
Kuraray2.40%JPY 598,256Chemicals
Suntory Beverage & F1.55%JPY 596,710Beverages
Kikkoman1.42%JPY 595,196Food Producers
Toppan Printing1.68%JPY 587,132Support Services
NH Foods1.10%JPY 585,407Food Producers
Shimizu Corp0.97%JPY 585,330Construction and Materials
Tobu Railway1.04%JPY 581,330Travel and Leisure
Kyushu Elec Power0.00%JPY 580,874Electricity
Japan Post Bank3.55%JPY 580,719Banks
M30.60%JPY 571,740Media
Ryohin Keikaku1.15%JPY 566,703General Retailers
Trend Micro2.87%JPY 563,243Software and Computer Services
Kyushu Railway0.00%JPY 561,600Industrial Transportation
Yaskawa Electric0.95%JPY 559,121Industrial Engineering
Familymart1.63%JPY 556,154Food and Drug Retailers
Misumi Group0.80%JPY 527,360Industrial Engineering
IHI0.86%JPY 524,021General Industrials
Isetan Mitsukoshi Ho0.83%JPY 522,374General Retailers
Mitsui Chemical Inds1.58%JPY 520,025Chemicals
Mitsubishi Tanabe Ph2.08%JPY 518,750Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Shizuoka Bank2.03%JPY 517,949Banks
Chiba Bank1.85%JPY 517,641Banks
Minebea1.23%JPY 513,766Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Kawasaki Heavy Indus3.12%JPY 509,688Industrial Engineering
Nissan Chemical Indu1.38%JPY 508,870Chemicals
Keio Corp1.02%JPY 506,803Travel and Leisure
Brother Industries1.70%JPY 500,171Technology Hardware and Equip.
Shimadzu Corp1.04%JPY 493,315Industrial Engineering
Aozora Bank4.66%JPY 491,052Banks
Taiheiyo Cement Corp1.52%JPY 488,511Construction and Materials
Yamaha1.78%JPY 488,281Leisure Goods
Konica Minolta2.77%JPY 488,188Technology Hardware and Equip.
NGK Spark Plug1.65%JPY 485,719Automobiles and Parts
Hirose Electric1.59%JPY 485,166Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Lion Corp0.67%JPY 483,800Personal Goods
Sharp0.00%JPY 480,206Leisure Goods
Seibu Holdings0.94%JPY 480,177Travel and Leisure
Stanley Electric1.11%JPY 475,561Automobiles and Parts
Electric Power Devel2.65%JPY 473,409Electricity
Oji Holdings1.86%JPY 473,177Chemicals
Nagoya Railroad1.84%JPY 468,832Travel and Leisure
Hoshizaki Electric C1.46%JPY 468,123Industrial Engineering
Mitsubishi Materials1.88%JPY 465,933General Industrials
Don Quijote Holdings0.55%JPY 465,096General Retailers
Disco1.85%JPY 464,295Industrial Engineering
NISSIN FOODS HOLDING1.27%JPY 455,253Food Producers
Mitsubishi Motors1.79%JPY 454,975Automobiles and Parts
Amada2.99%JPY 454,368Industrial Engineering
Hamamatsu Photo1.03%JPY 450,606Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Sumitomo Heavy Ind2.01%JPY 449,465Industrial Engineering
Konami0.62%JPY 448,733Leisure Goods
Nisshin Seifun Group1.48%JPY 447,233Food Producers
Mitsubishi Gas Chem1.01%JPY 444,248Chemicals
Hisamitsu Pharmaceut1.34%JPY 439,935Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
JGC Corp2.11%JPY 437,678Industrial Engineering
Kyowa Hakko Kirin1.49%JPY 432,397Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Suruga Bank0.82%JPY 432,207Banks
JTEKT2.20%JPY 430,908Automobiles and Parts
Nippon Express1.90%JPY 430,541Industrial Transportation
J Front Retailing1.62%JPY 428,667General Retailers
Yokogawa Electric1.43%JPY 427,540Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Nomura Research Inst1.87%JPY 424,722Software and Computer Services
Kansai Paint0.94%JPY 421,139Chemicals
Taisho Pharmaceutica1.09%JPY 416,769Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Start Today1.25%JPY 416,009General Retailers
Mitsui Osk Lines0.94%JPY 415,903Industrial Transportation
USS2.27%JPY 414,853General Retailers
Yamada Denki3.14%JPY 409,178General Retailers
Daicel1.91%JPY 405,815Chemicals
TonenGeneral Sekiyu2.83%JPY 401,769Oil and Gas Producers
Nippon Yusen1.61%JPY 400,650Industrial Transportation
ANA Holdings1.49%JPY 392,984Travel and Leisure
Fukuoka Financial Gr2.48%JPY 382,938Banks
Teijin2.09%JPY 381,021Chemicals
Hulic1.50%JPY 380,348Real Estate Investment and Services
Chugoku Elec Power4.04%JPY 376,843Electricity
Toyo Suisan Kaisha1.46%JPY 374,491Food Producers



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