Highest Dividend yield of Electricity stocks

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Dividend yield of Electricity companies ordered from highest ( 4.02% average).

Company Dividend PayoutCountry
AES Gener S.A.11.09%130.83%Chile
Cia Paranaense de En11.06%53.05%Brazil
Manila Electric10.55%182.54%Philippines
Engie Brasil8.28%98.39%Brazil
Federal'naya Setevay8.13%16.67%Russia
Datang International8.12%131.25%China
E.ON Russia JSC8.00%41.51%Russia
Rural Electrificatio7.88%31.52%India
Transmissora Alianca7.64%86.70%Brazil
Mighty River Power7.30%164.29%New Zealand
Cemig ON7.25%49.56%Brazil
Meridian Energy7.19%262.50%New Zealand
Centrais Eletricas B7.17%-159.80%Brazil
Glow Energy6.75%91.08%Thailand
China Power Internat6.42%155.56%China
RusHydro (Federal Hy6.26%83.33%Russia
Huaneng Power Intl H6.24%253.85%China
Contact Energy6.12%126.92%New Zealand
CEZ6.09%87.10%Czeck Republic
China Res Pwr Hdg RC5.79%84.62%China
PPL Corporation5.64%72.57%USA
Ausnet Services5.25%112.50%Australia
Energia Paulista PN5.22%45.40%Brazil
Tenaga Nasional5.20%67.21%Malaysia
Red Electrica Corp S5.07%70.40%Spain
Southern Co5.03%326.76%USA
Dominion Resources5.02%96.25%USA
Huadian Power Intl H4.87%38.10%China
Power Assets Holding4.77%71.54%Hong-Kong
Electricite de Franc4.72%44.72%France
Ratchaburi Electrici4.59%54.18%Thailand
AES Tiete Energia SA4.55%65.82%Brazil
EDP-Energias do Bras4.36%42.07%Brazil
Entergy Corp4.36%65.93%USA
Hydro One4.32%72.73%Canada
Beijing Jingneng Cle4.27%21.62%China
AES Corp.4.25%-72.22%USA
Enersis Chile4.23%52.86%Chile
Engie Energia Chile SA4.23%52.86%Chile
Firstenergy Corp.4.19%-40.22%USA
Fortis Inc3.94%65.89%Canada
CK Infrastructure Holding3.70%59.28%Hong-Kong
Edison International3.69%76.34%USA
INTER RAO JSC3.67%22.06%Russia
Aboitiz Power3.66%48.94%Philippines
Chugoku Elec Power3.65%14.24%Japan
CLP Holdings3.57%49.24%Hong-Kong
Cons Edison Holding3.57%12.85%USA
Amer. Elec Power Co3.54%64.92%USA
Exelon Corporation3.48%34.76%USA
Pinnacle W Capl Cp3.45%54.62%USA
Public Svc Entp Grp3.45%110.43%USA
DTE Energy3.35%51.23%USA
Eversource Energy3.35%64.74%USA
Xcel Energy3.25%65.80%USA
Electricity Generati3.14%29.83%Thailand
Alliant Energy3.12%67.68%USA
Guangdng Elc Pw Dv B3.11%39.13%China
CMS Energy Corp3.03%53.36%USA
Tohoku Elec Power2.83%42.16%Japan
Power Grid Corp of I2.79%40.19%India
Interconexion Electr2.71%25.20%Colombia
NextEra Energy Inc2.71%59.36%USA
CGN Power (H)2.69%24.00%China
Huadian Fuxin Energy2.60%20.00%China
Energy Development2.59%33.33%Philippines
Enea S.A.2.40%10.08%Poland
Polska Grupa Energet2.39%17.01%Poland
Energisa SA2.35%0.00%Brazil
Electric Power Devel2.35%18.80%Japan
Shikoku Elec Power2.16%31.54%Japan
Kepco (Korea Electric Power)2.11%35.87%Korea
Enersis Americas SA1.99%26.10%Chile
Reliance Infrastruct1.99%13.73%India
Kansai Elec Power1.96%17.64%Japan
Chubu Elec Power1.75%30.45%Japan
Equatorial Energia S1.70%17.34%Brazil
Kyushu Elec Power1.48%12.58%Japan
Tata Power1.47%47.62%India
Hokkaido Elec Power1.38%12.42%Japan
Torrent Power0.89%24.39%India
EDP Renovaveis0.75%18.75%Portugal
Rosseti OAO0.74%1.89%Russia
JSW Energy Ltd.0.59%12.32%India
Energy Absolute0.56%19.42%Thailand
NRG Energy0.39%6.45%USA
Empresa Nacl de Elec4.76%45.69%Chile
CPFL Energia2.00%25.61%Brazil
Energa SA4.49%14.37%Poland
ENDESA Americas3.18%41.64%Chile
CESP PN Class B0.62%-32.14%Brazil
Teco Energy3.34%124.32%USA
Enel Green Power1.69%100.00%Italy
Pepco Holdings4.05%112.50%USA



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