Highest Colombia dividend stocks

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Biggest Colombia publicly traded companies ordered by their dividend yield ( 1.92% average)

High Dividend yield stocks from Colombia

As shown above, Grupo Aval Acciones (Financial Services) - Interconexion Electr (Electricity) - Bancolombia PN (Banks) - are the companies that currently pay a higher dividend in Colombia, offering yields of - 4.57% - 3.90% - 3.33% - respectively.

Coming up next, we show the full list of stocks traded in Colombia, including their dividend return and payout.

Full Colombia Dividend stocks list

Company Dividend Payout Sector
Grupo Aval Acciones4.57%44.33%Financial Services
Interconexion Electr3.90%30.03%Electricity
Bancolombia PN3.33%35.30%Banks
Ecopetrol SA2.38%54.50%Oil and Gas Producers
Corp. Financiera Colombiana2.15%23.22%Financial Services
Almacenes Exito1.40%22.96%Food and Drug Retailers
Grupo Invers. Suramericana 1.24%14.63%Financial Services
Cementos Argos PN2.78%66.44%Construction and Materials
Cementos Argos2.30%62.33%Construction and Materials
Grupo Argos S.A. ON1.42%28.26%Construction and Materials
Corporacion Financie3.16%44.24%Financial Services



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