Highest China dividend stocks

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Biggest China publicly traded companies ordered by their dividend yield ( 2.27% average)

High Dividend yield stocks from China

As shown above, Datang International (Electricity) - Chongqing Chg Auto B (Automobiles and Parts) - Foshan Elec & Lght B (Household Goods and Home Constr.) - are the companies that currently pay a higher dividend in China, offering yields of - 8.83% - 8.47% - 7.72% - respectively.

Coming up next, we show the full list of stocks traded in China, including their dividend return and payout.

China dividend stocks

Financial markets in mainland China are composed of: Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, where they quote the largest companies in the country. In addition, the bag is Hong Kong, which belongs to China since reunification. Nevertheless, companies listed on the stock Homg Kong appear as another independent region.

Full China Dividend stocks list

Company Dividend Payout Sector
Datang International8.83%-80.00%Electricity
Chongqing Chg Auto B8.47%27.14%Automobiles and Parts
Foshan Elec & Lght B7.72%46.08%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Central China Securities7.08%104.55%Financial Services
Sinopec SH Ptrochm H6.74%45.45%Chemicals
Guangzhou R&F Prpt H6.70%46.27%Real Estate Investment and Services
Huaneng Power Intl H6.65%48.53%Electricity
China Power Internat6.60%50.00%Electricity
KWG Property Holding6.57%45.45%Real Estate Investment and Services
Lenovo Group (Red Ch6.01%38.57%Technology Hardware and Equip.
China Res Pwr Hdg RC6.01%52.69%Electricity
China Petro & Chem H5.66%69.57%Oil and Gas Producers
Jiangling Motors B5.50%37.23%Automobiles and Parts
Huadian Power Intl H5.49%40.00%Electricity
China Huarong Asset5.44%33.33%Financial Services
Bk of Communications5.37%28.97%Banks
Agricultural Bank of5.35%28.36%Banks
Sino-Ocean Land Hold5.32%49.15%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Citic Bank (H)5.27%23.85%Banks
Shenzhen Investment5.25%42.50%Real Estate Investment and Services
Shandong Chenming Pa5.20%51.91%Forestry and Paper
China Cinda Asset Ma5.12%31.25%Financial Services
Zoomlion Heavy Indus5.12%-141.67%Industrial Engineering
China Shipping Dev H5.11%37.93%Industrial Transportation
Bank of China (H)5.01%29.23%Banks
Zhejiang Express. H4.96%38.05%Industrial Transportation
Shimao Property Hold4.94%45.90%Real Estate Investment and Services
Yuexiu Property (Red4.93%50.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Machinery Engi4.83%38.10%Construction and Materials
China Zhongwang Hold4.67%31.75%Industrial Metals and Mining
China Construction4.44%28.32%Banks
Great Wall Motor Com4.41%27.86%Automobiles and Parts
Sichuan Expressway (4.41%20.63%Industrial Transportation
Shenzhen Chiwan Whrf4.36%68.67%Industrial Transportation
Chongqing Rural Comm4.35%25.26%Banks
Weifu High-Technolog4.31%35.82%Automobiles and Parts
China Everbright RC4.29%30.86%Financial Services
Indstrl & Comm BOC H4.25%29.03%Banks
China Mercht Hldg RC4.25%48.88%Industrial Transportation
Guangdong Inv RC4.25%55.70%Gas Water and Multiutilities
Jiangsu Expressway (4.24%47.62%Industrial Transportation
Anhui Expressway H4.23%25.69%Industrial Transportation
China Minsheng Banki4.22%21.02%Banks
Kingboard Laminates4.20%35.17%Chemicals
Dongfeng Motor Group4.19%21.16%Automobiles and Parts
Shanghai Ind Hldg RC4.11%25.48%General Industrials
Longfor Properties (4.07%42.55%Real Estate Investment and Services
Beijing Jingneng Cle4.03%21.62%Electricity
Red Star Macalline G3.98%38.17%Real Estate Investment and Services
Lao Feng Xiang3.97%48.39%Personal Goods
Sh Lujiazui F & T B3.95%50.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
Dali Foods Group (P3.94%103.70%Food Producers
China BlueChemical (3.89%-200.00%Chemicals
CNOOC (Red Chip)3.83%0.00%Oil and Gas Producers
Weichai Power (H)3.74%55.17%Industrial Engineering
China Resources Ceme3.70%86.36%Construction and Materials
Huatai Securities (H3.69%71.25%Financial Services
China Mobile RC3.62%45.99%Mobile Telecommunications
Agile Property Holdi3.54%60.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
Far East Horizon (Re3.45%25.84%Financial Services
Sinotrans H3.43%39.39%Industrial Transportation
BAIC Motor (H)3.42%26.12%Automobiles and Parts
China Galaxy Securit3.23%29.23%Financial Services
China Everbright Ban3.22%15.79%Banks
Shenzhen Expressway3.14%20.16%Industrial Transportation
China Resources Land3.10%25.36%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Reinsurance (G3.09%40.00%Nonlife Insurance
Kingboard Chemical H3.08%27.72%Chemicals
China Overseas Land3.06%22.65%Real Estate Investment and Services
Huadian Fuxin Energy3.05%21.43%Electricity
Lee & Man Paper Manu3.03%44.44%Forestry and Paper
China State Con (RC)3.02%31.13%Construction and Materials
CRRC (H)3.02%46.30%Industrial Engineering
CITIC Pacific (Red C3.01%33.01%General Industrials
Metallurgical Corp.2.99%21.21%Construction and Materials
Bosideng Internation2.94%40.00%Personal Goods
China Vanke (H)2.92%39.74%Real Estate Investment and Services
Shenzhen Intl Hldgs2.89%25.44%Industrial Transportation
Yantai Changyu Pione2.88%32.57%Beverages
Shanghai Mechanical2.85%27.27%Industrial Engineering
Nine Dragons Paper I2.82%30.97%Forestry and Paper
China Telecom H2.82%31.25%Fixed Line Telecommunications
Shanghai Jin Jiang2.78%57.14%Industrial Transportation
China Agri-Industrie2.75%33.33%Food Producers
Guangdng Elc Pw Dv B2.75%39.13%Electricity
Shanghai Jinjiang In2.73%50.00%Travel and Leisure
CGN Power (H)2.73%31.58%Electricity
Hengan Intl Group (P2.72%67.82%Personal Goods
China Merchants Bank2.70%28.09%Banks
GF Securities (H)2.67%32.81%Financial Services
China Jinmao Holding2.62%31.03%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Shenhua Energy2.60%33.33%Mining
Fuyao Glass Industry2.57%55.56%Automobiles and Parts
Shanghai Zhenhua Hea2.57%100.00%Industrial Engineering
Tianjin Capital Envi2.56%18.03%Gas Water and Multiutilities
Shenzhou Internation2.55%79.83%Personal Goods
CITIC Securities (H)2.49%37.74%Financial Services
China Comms Constr H2.47%16.30%Construction and Materials
China South City Hol2.44%8.77%Industrial Transportation
China Communications2.40%28.26%Technology Hardware and Equip.
Beijing North Star H2.39%24.14%Real Estate Investment and Services
PICC Property & Casu2.36%23.97%Nonlife Insurance
Logan Property Holdings2.35%20.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
Anta Sports Products2.34%76.85%Personal Goods
GOME Electrical Appl2.34%100.00%General Retailers
Everbright Securities (H)2.33%28.05%Financial Services
Zijin Mining Group H2.33%53.85%Mining
Orient Securities (H2.31%36.96%Financial Services
China Everbright Int2.24%38.46%Support Services
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group2.24%26.09%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
COSCO Pacific (Red C2.23%37.50%Industrial Transportation
Haitong Securities (2.21%29.41%Financial Services
Postal Savings Bank of China2.18%14.75%Banks
Sinopec Engineering2.17%34.04%Construction and Materials
China Pacific Insura2.14%48.48%Life Insurance
China Eastern Airlin2.12%31.58%Travel and Leisure
CSG Holding B2.05%23.81%Construction and Materials
Beijing Enterprises2.05%18.23%General Industrials
Wuxi Little Swan2.03%40.18%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Country Garden Holdi2.03%46.15%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Railway Constr2.03%14.06%Construction and Materials
Shanghai Wai Gaoqiao2.00%30.00%Support Services
China Traditional Ch2.00%27.59%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Guangzhou Automobile1.97%26.28%Automobiles and Parts
China Railway Signal1.96%28.57%Industrial Transportation
Citic Resources Hold1.95%40.00%Support Services
Shanghai Pharmaceuti1.95%27.33%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
China Unicom Hong Ko1.92%90.91%Mobile Telecommunications
Haitian Internationa1.91%38.46%Industrial Engineering
Shandong Weigao Grou1.88%37.93%Health Care Equipment and Services
Shanghai Bailian Gro1.87%33.33%General Retailers
Beij Cap Int Airpt H1.86%44.00%Industrial Transportation
Inner Mongolia Yitai1.86%30.00%Mining
China Longyuan Power1.84%17.24%Alternative Energy
Shanghai Jinqiao Exp1.79%22.22%Real Estate Investment and Services
Sinopharm Group (H)1.78%28.04%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
China Merchants Securities1.77%21.65%Financial Services
Huaneng Renewables (1.77%13.16%Alternative Energy
Guangshen Railw Co H1.75%56.25%Travel and Leisure
China Railway Group1.74%15.15%Construction and Materials
Zhongsheng Group Hol1.68%28.04%Automobiles and Parts
China Evergrande1.66%90.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Conch Venture1.66%23.44%Alternative Energy
Dazhong Transport B1.64%33.33%Travel and Leisure
Anhui Conch Cement H1.63%30.30%Construction and Materials
China Resources Gas1.59%29.80%Gas Water and Multiutilities
Anhui Gujing Distill1.55%33.83%Beverages
China Medical System1.55%37.84%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
CIMC Enric Holdings1.52%-18.18%Industrial Engineering
Ping An Insurance (H1.50%28.77%Life Insurance
Yanzhou Coal Min H1.50%24.14%Mining
China S Air Co H1.49%20.00%Travel and Leisure
ENN Energy Holdings1.49%34.30%Gas Water and Multiutilities
BBMG (H)1.46%15.15%Construction and Materials
Greentown China Hold1.43%16.67%Real Estate Investment and Services
Xinjiang Goldwind Sc1.39%13.53%Alternative Energy
Guangzhou Baiyunsha1.39%28.57%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Jiangxi Copper (H)1.38%54.84%Industrial Metals and Mining
China Coal Energy H1.33%26.32%Mining
Beijing Enter (RC)1.32%20.51%Gas Water and Multiutilities
Hopson Development H1.31%5.62%Real Estate Investment and Services
Air China H1.29%19.05%Travel and Leisure
Shanghai Baosight So1.25%28.57%Software and Computer Services
Dalian Port PDA (H)1.22%40.00%Industrial Transportation
Fosun International1.21%13.21%Industrial Metals and Mining
China International Capital1.18%35.85%Financial Services
Luye Pharma Group (P1.17%20.59%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
China Gas Holdings (1.16%29.41%Oil Equipment Services and Distrib.
Angang Steel (H)1.12%27.59%Industrial Metals and Mining
China Life Insurance1.11%32.93%Life Insurance
Dongfang Electric (H1.11%-7.95%Industrial Engineering
Travelsky Tech H1.08%22.94%Software and Computer Services
Zhuzhou CSR Times El1.06%17.76%Industrial Engineering
People's Insurance C1.05%9.76%Nonlife Insurance
Petrochina H1.05%75.00%Oil and Gas Producers
Golden Eagle Retail1.04%34.48%General Retailers
New China Life Insur1.03%28.95%Life Insurance
ZTE H1.02%-85.71%Technology Hardware and Equip.
Tsingtao Brewery H0.99%35.40%Beverages
China National Accor0.97%10.91%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Double Coin Holdings0.96%25.00%Automobiles and Parts
Byd Electronic0.96%25.00%Technology Hardware and Equip.
Sinotruk Hong-Kong (0.91%26.67%Industrial Engineering
Kunlun Energy (Red C0.91%77.78%Oil and Gas Producers
Sunac China Holdings0.90%42.65%Real Estate Investment and Services
China Resources Pharmaceutical Group0.89%18.75%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
NetEase0.83%21.63%Leisure Goods
Legend Holdings (H)0.81%12.03%Technology Hardware and Equip.
Shanghai Fosun Pharm0.80%33.06%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Haier Electronics Gr0.79%14.53%Household Goods and Home Constr.
China Molybdenum (H)0.79%44.44%Mining
Zhaojin Mining Indus0.76%31.25%Mining
CSPC Pharmaceutical0.76%35.29%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
China Oilfield Srvs0.75%-2.05%Oil Equipment Services and Distrib.
Sinofert Holdings (R0.75%-1.32%Chemicals
China National Build0.74%15.15%Construction and Materials
Livzon Pharmaceutical Group0.71%25.00%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Boe Technology Grp B0.69%33.33%Electronic and Electrical Equipment
China National Mater0.62%13.79%Industrial Engineering
China Resources Beer0.61%0.00%General Industrials
AviChina Industry &0.58%9.09%Automobiles and Parts
Brilliance China Aut0.53%12.36%Automobiles and Parts
China Foods0.53%11.11%Food Producers
Shanghai Haixin Gp B0.52%0.00%Personal Goods
Sino Biopharm (P Chi0.51%26.92%Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Fullshare Holdings (0.50%11.11%Household Goods and Home Constr.
China International Marine Containers 0.48%21.88%General Industrials
Geely Automobile Hol0.44%5.80%Automobiles and Parts
Kingsoft (P Chip)0.38%0.00%Leisure Goods
China Taiping0.34%7.94%Life Insurance
Sunny Optical Techno0.32%23.02%Electronic and Electrical Equipment
BYD H0.31%7.39%Automobiles and Parts
Jinzhou Port (B)0.29%0.00%Industrial Transportation
Shanghai Shibei Hi-T0.25%0.00%Industrial Engineering
CSSC Offshore and Ma0.15%0.00%Industrial Engineering
Tencent Holdings (P0.15%9.64%Software and Computer Services
China Hongqiao Group2.13%25.00%Industrial Metals and Mining
Belle International3.37%58.82%Personal Goods
China Huishan Dairy3.36%16.67%Food Producers
Huishang Bank (H)4.47%26.09%Banks
Shengjing Bank (H)3.99%24.24%Banks
Dalian Wanda Commerc2.49%14.90%Real Estate Investment and Services
Harbin Electric (H)0.50%9.52%Industrial Engineering
China Energy Enginee0.43%0.00%Construction and Materials
China Merchants Prop1.22%23.08%Real Estate Investment and Services



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