Highest Dividend yield of Japanese Financials stocks

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Biggest Japanese Financials industry companies ordered by dividend yield (world Financials, 4.45% average; Japan dividend yield, 2.41%).

High Japan Dividend yield stocks from Financials

As you can noticed, Aozora Bank - Daito Trust Constr - Japan Post Holdings - are Financials companies currently paying a higher dividend in Japan, offering yields of - 7.72% - 6.95% - 6.38% - respectively.

Finally, there are also other Japanese Financials stocks that offer a very interesting dividend yield such as - Sumitomo Mitsui Fina - Daishi Hokuetsu FG - Japan Post Bank - Orix Corporation - .

Coming up next, we show the full list of Financials Japanese stocks, including their dividend return and payout.

Company Dividend PayoutSector
Aozora Bank7.72%60.99%Banks
Daito Trust Constr6.95%49.35%Real Estate Investment and Services
Japan Post Holdings6.38%42.11%Life Insurance
Sumitomo Mitsui Fina6.09%37.15%Banks
Daishi Hokuetsu FG5.89%42.41%Banks
Japan Post Bank5.86%68.56%Banks
Orix Corporation5.75%32.20%Financial Services
Mitsubishi UFJ Finan5.65%61.02%Banks
Resona Holdings5.38%31.74%Banks
AEON Financial Servi5.30%28.62%Financial Services
Mizuho Financial Grp5.22%42.29%Banks
MS&AD Insurance Grou5.10%59.67%Nonlife Insurance
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease4.99%28.94%Financial Services
Sumitomo Mitsui Trus4.88%34.65%Banks
Fukuoka Financial Gr4.84%14.52%Banks
Matsui Securities Co4.76%146.13%Financial Services
Tokio Marine Holding4.60%60.26%Nonlife Insurance
Concordia Financial4.55%41.42%Banks
Japan Post Insurance4.49%28.29%Life Insurance
Mebuki Financial Group4.28%35.10%Banks
Nishi-Nippon Financi4.28%22.25%Banks
Hitachi Capital Corp4.25%22.52%Financial Services
Hiroshima Bank4.19%28.91%Banks
Daiwa Securities Gro4.18%50.16%Financial Services
Seven Bank4.14%49.66%Banks
SBI Holdings4.14%51.34%Financial Services
Hokuhoku Financial4.07%28.08%Banks
T&D Holdings3.96%39.21%Life Insurance
Nomura Real Estate H3.94%29.55%Real Estate Investment and Services
Dai-ichi Life Insura3.86%215.77%Life Insurance
Sompo Japan Nipponko3.77%44.49%Nonlife Insurance
Gunma Bank3.72%24.55%Banks
Credit Saison3.72%16.37%Financial Services
Nomura Holdings3.67%27.89%Financial Services
Hulic3.62%39.82%Real Estate Investment and Services
Tokyu Fudosan Holdin3.51%29.84%Real Estate Investment and Services
Hachijuni Bank3.41%31.03%Banks
Yamaguchi Financial3.41%23.53%Banks
Tokyo Tatemono3.41%31.03%Real Estate Investment and Services
Chiba Bank3.27%27.80%Banks
77 Bank3.21%20.22%Banks
Fuyo General Lease3.21%22.47%Financial Services
Iida Group Holdings3.00%33.00%Real Estate Investment and Services
Shizuoka Bank2.99%32.00%Banks
Aeon Mall2.85%26.51%Real Estate Investment and Services
Orient Corp2.56%27.70%Financial Services
Zenkoku Hosho2.53%26.56%Financial Services
Kyushu Financial Gro2.46%28.78%Banks
Ichigo2.46%41.07%Financial Services
Mitsui Fudosan2.29%23.13%Real Estate Investment and Services
Chugoku Bank2.24%34.71%Banks
Kansai Mirai Financi2.24%94.97%Banks
Iyo Bank2.08%23.50%Banks
Mitsubishi Estate1.99%29.85%Real Estate Investment and Services
Japan Exchange Group1.97%49.25%Financial Services
Open House1.94%20.56%Real Estate Investment and Services
Shiga Bank1.61%16.10%Banks
Bank of Kyoto1.33%22.35%Banks
Relo Holdings1.20%114.58%Real Estate Investment and Services
Sumitomo Rlty & Devt1.12%11.76%Real Estate Investment and Services
Acom0.97%10.58%Financial Services
Shinsei Bank0.81%4.86%Banks
Nihon M&A Center0.49%41.06%Financial Services



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