Highest Dividend yield of Japanese Consumer Goods stocks

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Biggest Japanese Consumer Goods industry companies ordered by dividend yield (world Consumer Goods, 2.05% average; Japan dividend yield, 1.86%).

High Japan Dividend yield stocks from Consumer Goods

As you can noticed, Japan Tobacco - Noevir Holdings - Daiwa House Industry - are Consumer Goods companies currently paying a higher dividend in Japan, offering yields of - 7.25% - 4.08% - 3.39% - respectively.

Finally, there are also other Japanese Consumer Goods stocks that offer a very interesting dividend yield such as - Sekisui House - Yokohama Rubber - Kirin Holdings - Nintendo - .

Coming up next, we show the full list of Consumer Goods Japanese stocks, including their dividend return and payout.

Company Dividend PayoutSector
Japan Tobacco7.25%70.32%Tobacco
Noevir Holdings4.08%124.44%Personal Goods
Daiwa House Industry3.39%30.85%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Sekisui House3.33%43.62%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Yokohama Rubber3.23%33.59%Automobiles and Parts
Kirin Holdings3.07%62.62%Beverages
Nintendo3.04%86.64%Leisure Goods
ABC-Mart2.72%47.06%Personal Goods
Sumitomo Rubber Indu2.68%32.42%Automobiles and Parts
Daiichikosho2.63%49.18%Leisure Goods
NGK Spark Plug2.62%28.03%Automobiles and Parts
TS TECH2.61%32.89%Automobiles and Parts
Toyota Motor2.55%29.84%Automobiles and Parts
Fuji Heavy Ind2.54%21.59%Automobiles and Parts
Honda Motor Co2.47%22.48%Automobiles and Parts
Bridgestone Corp2.46%0.00%Automobiles and Parts
Itoham Yonekyu Holdings2.33%43.81%Food Producers
Toyo Tire & Rubber2.30%59.34%Automobiles and Parts
Kokuyo2.28%55.63%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Asahi Group Holdings2.27%41.77%Beverages
Sekisui Chemical2.21%36.02%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Yamaha Motor2.21%39.34%Automobiles and Parts
Casio Computer Co2.16%62.21%Leisure Goods
Tokai Rika2.13%24.28%Automobiles and Parts
Meiji Holdings2.11%32.28%Food Producers
Toyota Boshoku2.08%24.96%Automobiles and Parts
Toyoda Gosei2.06%65.29%Automobiles and Parts
Sumitomo Electric In1.93%34.35%Automobiles and Parts
Nikon Corp1.93%46.91%Leisure Goods
NH Foods1.92%44.93%Food Producers
Denso Corporation1.91%116.70%Automobiles and Parts
Kao1.91%49.85%Personal Goods
Suntory Beverage & F1.90%40.47%Beverages
Aisin Seiki Co1.90%58.33%Automobiles and Parts
Nisshin Seifun Group1.89%46.31%Food Producers
Pola Orbis Holdings1.88%0.00%Personal Goods
Sapporo Holdings1.83%-23.61%Beverages
Morinaga1.82%33.49%Food Producers
Megmilk Snow Brand1.78%22.25%Food Producers
Calbee1.77%38.05%Food Producers
NSK1.76%45.77%Automobiles and Parts
Fuji Oil1.76%27.28%Food Producers
Sega Sammy Holdings1.74%51.33%Leisure Goods
Toyo Suisan Kaisha1.72%34.92%Food Producers
Pigeon1.71%80.71%Personal Goods
NOK1.67%0.00%Automobiles and Parts
Mitsubishi Shokuhin1.62%25.11%Food Producers
KEWPIE Corporation1.59%50.40%Food Producers
Sharp1.57%76.00%Leisure Goods
Nichirei1.54%29.87%Food Producers
Toyota Industries1.52%27.51%Automobiles and Parts
Sumitomo Forestry1.47%22.78%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Suzuki Motor1.47%26.75%Automobiles and Parts
Ezaki Glico1.46%35.63%Food Producers
JTEKT1.42%0.00%Automobiles and Parts
Ajinomoto Co1.41%65.57%Food Producers
Panasonic Corp1.40%15.54%Leisure Goods
Stanley Electric1.37%39.18%Automobiles and Parts
GungHo Online Entert1.37%12.47%Leisure Goods
Asics Corp1.36%-27.20%Personal Goods
NISSIN FOODS HOLDING1.34%36.71%Food Producers
Takara Holdings1.33%44.15%Beverages
GS Yuasa Corp1.33%23.67%Automobiles and Parts
Nifco1.31%29.35%Automobiles and Parts
Coca-Cola West Compa1.30%0.00%Beverages
House Foods Group1.26%40.32%Food Producers
Yamazaki Baking1.23%68.75%Food Producers
NHK Spring Co1.20%49.21%Automobiles and Parts
Paltac1.20%17.76%Personal Goods
Ariake Japan1.15%29.33%Food Producers
Makita Corp1.12%29.12%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Yamaha1.10%33.33%Leisure Goods
Lion Corp1.07%21.93%Personal Goods
Bandai Namco Holding1.04%31.30%Leisure Goods
Morinaga Milk Industry1.03%15.86%Food Producers
Kagome Co1.02%39.78%Beverages
Fujitsu General0.97%54.31%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Yakult Honsha0.93%21.02%Food Producers
Fancl Corp0.91%41.04%Personal Goods
Goldwin0.85%25.33%Personal Goods
Rinnai Corp0.81%23.90%Household Goods and Home Constr.
Kose0.77%25.79%Personal Goods
Uni-Charm0.69%33.60%Personal Goods
Konami0.68%19.65%Leisure Goods
Kikkoman0.64%30.47%Food Producers
Ito En0.59%45.31%Beverages
Shimano0.59%22.71%Leisure Goods
Koito Manufacturing0.54%11.12%Automobiles and Parts
Shiseido0.54%0.00%Personal Goods
Sony Corp0.47%9.68%Leisure Goods
Kotobuki Spirits0.42%22.93%Food Producers
Nexon0.14%7.23%Leisure Goods



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