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BOVESPA stocks dividends ordered by market value (Brazil 3.54% average)

Company Dividend Market Value (mn) Sector
Itau Unibanco Holdin4.92%BRL 122,438Banks
Ambev SA3.89%BRL 85,366Beverages
Petrobras ON0.00%BRL 56,377Oil and Gas Producers
Vale Do Rio Doce0.51%BRL 39,294Mining
BM&F Bovespa2.61%BRL 37,775Financial Services
Itausa PN6.07%BRL 36,666Financial Services
Cielo SA1.93%BRL 29,483Financial Services
Banco Do Brasil ON2.36%BRL 28,933Banks
BRF S.A.3.79%BRL 27,605Food Producers
Ultrapar Participaco2.33%BRL 27,496Gas Water and Multiutilities
Banco Bradesco S/A O3.76%BRL 21,359Banks
Kroton Educacional S2.88%BRL 20,176General Retailers
Telefonica Brasil S.4.49%BRL 18,315Fixed Line Telecommunications
Lojas Renner S.A.1.68%BRL 17,891General Retailers
CCR SA4.20%BRL 17,866Industrial Transportation
BB Seguridade Partic5.71%BRL 17,520Nonlife Insurance
Raia Drogasil SA1.02%BRL 14,538Food and Drug Retailers
Banco Santander Braz3.90%BRL 12,610Banks
EMBRAER SA0.58%BRL 12,202Aerospace and Defense
Lojas Americanas PN0.61%BRL 11,744General Retailers
Equatorial Energia S1.58%BRL 11,667Electricity
Sabesp ON0.67%BRL 11,138Gas Water and Multiutilities
Hypermarcas SA3.79%BRL 11,001Food Producers
WEG Ord2.12%BRL 9,500Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Gerdau PN0.46%BRL 9,360Industrial Metals and Mining
JBS S/A Ord3.97%BRL 9,042Food Producers
PAO De Acucar CBD PN0.77%BRL 8,741Food and Drug Retailers
BR Malls Participaco2.04%BRL 8,329Real Estate Investment and Services
Klabin SA3.30%BRL 8,312General Industrials
TIM Participacoes ON1.92%BRL 8,302Mobile Telecommunications
Rumo Logistica SA0.00%BRL 8,243Industrial Transportation
CPFL Energia1.63%BRL 7,869Electricity
Engie Brasil5.58%BRL 7,387Electricity
Fibria Celulose S.A.0.00%BRL 6,457Forestry and Paper
BTG Pactual S.A.7.93%BRL 6,269Financial Services
Localiza Rent a Car2.22%BRL 5,913General Retailers
M. Dias Branco Indus1.21%BRL 5,800Food Producers
SID Nacional ON0.00%BRL 5,604Industrial Metals and Mining
Multiplan Empreendim1.75%BRL 5,355Real Estate Investment and Services
Natura Cosmeticos0.95%BRL 4,957Personal Goods
Centrais Eletricas B0.46%BRL 4,862Electricity
Braskem S.A. PN7.92%BRL 4,732Chemicals
Sul America SA2.77%BRL 4,671Nonlife Insurance
Transmissora Alianca0.00%BRL 4,269Electricity
Cosan S/A Industria6.11%BRL 4,266Food Producers
EDP-Energias do Bras7.31%BRL 4,234Electricity
Estacio Participacoe0.00%BRL 4,102General Retailers
Suzano Papel e Celul3.00%BRL 3,907Forestry and Paper
Smiles S.A. ON0.00%BRL 3,605General Retailers
Cia Paranaense de En3.83%BRL 3,313Electricity
Odontoprev SA Ord3.13%BRL 3,002Health Care Equipment and Services
Porto Seguro4.67%BRL 2,755Nonlife Insurance
Energia Paulista PN2.31%BRL 2,352Electricity
Sao Martinho SA ON0.95%BRL 2,343Food Producers
AES Tiete Energia SA0.00%BRL 2,210Electricity
Usiminas PN A0.70%BRL 1,946Industrial Metals and Mining
Multiplus SA8.81%BRL 1,742General Retailers
Companhia de Gas de10.25%BRL 1,080Gas Water and Multiutilities
Cemig ON5.44%BRL 1,004Electricity
Cetip SA4.68%BRL 10,329Financial Services
Totvs S/A Ord3.64%BRL 3,526Software and Computer Services
CESP PN Class B0.62%BRL 2,546Electricity
Qualicorp3.15%BRL 2,950Nonlife Insurance
Duratex SA7.23%BRL 1,484Construction and Materials
B2W Cia Digital0.00%BRL 1,389General Retailers



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