Best BOVESPA dividend stocks

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BOVESPA best dividend stocks and full list ranked by diviend yield (Brazil 3.16% average)

Highest BOVESPA dividend yield stocks

As you can see, BR Malls Participaco (Real Estate Investment and Services) - Cielo SA (Financial Services) - BB Seguridade Partic (Nonlife Insurance) - are the companies that currently pay a higher dividend in the BOVESPA, offering returns of 11.52% - 11.47% - 10.51% - respectively.

Following, we show the BOVESPA Index and the complete list of stocks that comprise it, including their market Cap, payout and dividend return.

Full BOVESPA Dividend stocks list

Company Dividend Payout Market Cap (mn) Sector
BR Malls Participaco11.52%71.33%BRL 7,198Real Estate Investment and Services
Cielo SA11.47%58.43%BRL 5,081Financial Services
BB Seguridade Partic10.51%82.93%BRL 17,717Nonlife Insurance
Banco Santander Braz9.92%61.62%BRL 10,377Banks
Energia Paulista PN8.82%70.52%BRL 4,024Electricity
Banco Bradesco S/A O8.72%54.97%BRL 23,888Banks
CCR SA7.95%66.67%BRL 14,872Industrial Transportation
Transmissora Alianca7.93%76.98%BRL 6,166Electricity
CPFL Energia6.27%55.05%BRL 5,395Electricity
Fleury SA6.22%137.29%BRL 6,224Health Care Equipment and Services
Telefonica Brasil S.6.21%62.66%BRL 19,860Fixed Line Telecommunications
CESP PN Class B6.15%50.41%BRL 5,479Electricity
Itausa PN5.84%47.41%BRL 42,436Financial Services
Banco Do Brasil ON5.61%26.33%BRL 27,937Banks
Engie Brasil5.53%81.38%BRL 7,384Electricity
Itau Unibanco Holdin5.42%43.54%BRL 113,129Banks
Cyrela Brazil Realty5.38%117.12%BRL 6,781Real Estate Investment and Services
Centrais Eletricas B4.88%22.91%BRL 9,941Electricity
Bradespar S.A.4.63%-178.95%BRL 9,770Financial Services
Cia Paranaense de En4.61%32.76%BRL 6,241Electricity
Hypermarcas SA4.43%73.68%BRL 12,732Food Producers
Porto Seguro4.20%47.84%BRL 4,949Nonlife Insurance
IRB Brasil Resseguros4.00%29.59%BRL 8,015Nonlife Insurance
Ambev SA3.99%62.82%BRL 53,591Beverages
Neoenergia3.69%24.04%BRL 4,460Electricity
Klabin SA3.36%134.38%BRL 9,859General Industrials
EDP-Energias do Bras3.13%21.40%BRL 5,494Electricity
Sabesp ON2.88%18.50%BRL 16,234Gas Water and Multiutilities
JBS S/A Ord2.41%18.06%BRL 22,130Food Producers
BTG Pactual Participations2.40%43.27%BRL 19,091Financial Services
Vale Do Rio Doce2.37%-131.78%BRL 196,607Mining
Petrobras Distribuidora SA2.37%26.29%BRL 15,538Oil and Gas Producers
Ultrapar Participaco2.26%97.78%BRL 15,108Gas Water and Multiutilities
Cogna Educacao SA2.11%42.86%BRL 10,624General Retailers
SID Nacional ON2.02%23.31%BRL 9,763Industrial Metals and Mining
B3 SA1.92%63.48%BRL 120,156Financial Services
Estacio Participacoes SA1.89%20.82%BRL 8,092General Retailers
Cosan S/A Industria1.80%20.00%BRL 12,824Food Producers
Equatorial Energia S1.38%10.63%BRL 20,983Electricity
Energisa SA1.38%17.14%BRL 11,056Electricity
Multiplan Empreendim1.37%35.80%BRL 5,523Real Estate Investment and Services
Atacadao SA1.27%43.86%BRL 7,635Food and Drug Retailers
Gerdau PN1.10%23.86%BRL 20,180Industrial Metals and Mining
Petrobras ON1.05%7.42%BRL 82,623Oil and Gas Producers
Companhia Brasileira0.92%41.73%BRL 10,682Food and Drug Retailers
Sul America SA0.78%10.63%BRL 12,044Nonlife Insurance
Localiza Rent a Car0.76%32.74%BRL 26,783General Retailers
Lojas Renner S.A.0.74%21.62%BRL 34,274General Retailers
TIM Participacoes ON0.71%4.41%BRL 11,575Mobile Telecommunications
WEG Ord0.68%55.70%BRL 47,911Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Natura Cosmeticos0.62%0.00%BRL 37,649Personal Goods
Raia Drogasil SA0.61%24.44%BRL 24,638Food and Drug Retailers
Usiminas PN A0.43%20.00%BRL 4,173Industrial Metals and Mining
Notre Dame Intermedica0.23%19.10%BRL 33,966Health Care Equipment and Services
Alpargatas SA PN0.15%11.54%BRL 6,433Personal Goods
Magazine Luiza SA ON0.10%0.00%BRL 61,684General Retailers
Lojas Americanas PN0.05%3.08%BRL 25,291General Retailers
Hapvida Participacoes e Invest0.03%1.59%BRL 13,664Health Care Equipment and Services
Suzano Papel SA0.00%0.00%BRL 28,860Forestry and Paper
Rumo Logistica SA0.00%0.00%BRL 28,294Industrial Transportation
B2W Cia Digital0.00%0.00%BRL 23,269General Retailers
Via Varejo SA0.00%0.00%BRL 19,320General Retailers
BRF S.A.0.00%0.00%BRL 12,406Food Producers
Azul S.A.0.00%0.00%BRL 6,151Travel and Leisure
EMBRAER SA0.00%0.00%BRL 5,404Aerospace and Defense



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